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NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NADGE)
Norwegen, Übersicht [1]
  1. "Control and Reporting Centre Sørreisa
  2. Radar Station Njunis, with RAT-31SL/N
  3. Radar Station Senja, with RAT-31SL/N
  4. Radar Station Honningsvåg, with RAT-31SL/N
  5. Radar Station Vestvågøy, with SINDRE I
  6. Radar Station Vågsøy, with SINDRE I
  7. Radar Station Skykula, with SINDRE I." [1]
  • 2008, "The Royal Norwegian Air Force's Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC 3) in Reitan was deactivated in 2008 and its responsibilities were transferred to the Combined Air Operations Centre Finderup (CAOC F). 

  • 2013, After CAOC F was deactivated in 2013 the responsibility for the air defense of Norway was transferred to CAOC Uedem in Germany and the Royal Norwegian Air Force's Control and Reporting Centre in Sørreisa reports to it. 

  • 2016, Until 2016 the Royal Norwegian Air Force's radar installations were distributed between two CRCs. That year the CRC Mågerø was disbanded. In its place a wartime mobilization back-up CRC has been formed with a reduction in personnel from the around active 170 duty to about 50 air force home guardsmen.The SINDRE I radars are a variant of the HR-3000 radar, which is also used in the German HADR radars. The newer RAT-31SL/N radars are sometimes designated SINDRE II. " [1]

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(1) Google Earth/Google Street


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[1] Wikipedia, NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NADGE)


[2] Wikipedia, Combined Air Operations Centre


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