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NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NADGE)
Frankreich, Übersicht [1]
  1. "Air Operations Brigade, at Mont Verdun Air Base
  2. Air Operations Centre, at Mont Verdun Air Base
  3. Control and Reporting Centre, at Mont-de-Marsan Air Base
  4. Control and Reporting Centre, in Cinq-Mars-la-Pile
  5. Mont Verdun Air Base radar, with GM GM 406
  6. Élément Air Rattaché (EAR) 943, on Mont Agel, with GM 406." [1]
  • "The French Air Force's Air Operations Centre is located at Mont Verdun Air Base and reports to CAOC Uedem. Most French radar sites use the PALMIER radar, which is being taken out of service. 

  • 2022, By 2022 all PALMIER radars will have been replaced with new radar stations using the GM 403 radar. " [1]

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(1) Google Earth/Google Street


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[1] Wikipedia, NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NADGE)


[2] Wikipedia, Combined Air Operations Centre


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