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NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NADGE)
England, Übersicht [1]
  1. "1 Group RAF, at RAF High Wycombe
  2. UK Air Surveillance and Control Systems, at RAF Boulmer
  3. Control and Reporting Centre, at RAF Boulmer
  4. No. 1 Air Control Centre, at RAF Scampton (National Air Control Centre)
  5. RRH Benbecula, in North Uist, with AN/TPS-77
  6. RRH Brizlee Wood, in Shipley, with AN/FPS-117
  7. RRH Buchan, in Boddam, with AN/TPS-77
  8. RRH Portreath, in Portreath, with AR-327
  9. RRH Saxa Vord, in Unst, with AN/TPS-77
  10. RRH Trimingham, in Trimingham, with AN/FPS-117 (satellite station of RRH Neatishead)
  11. RRH Staxton Wold, in Scarborough, had an AN/TPS-77 radar, which was moved to RRH Saxa Vord in 2017, future plans for RRH Staxton Wold are as of 2018 unknown." [1]
  • 2008, "The Royal Air Force's Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC 9) at RAF High Wycombe was deactivated in 2008 and its responsibilities were transferred to the Combined Air Operations Centre Finderup (CAOC F). 

  • 2013, After CAOC F was deactivated in 2013 the responsibility for the air defense of the United Kingdom was transferred to CAOC Uedem in Germany. The Royal Air Force's Control and Reporting Centres report to it." [1]

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(1) Google Earth/Google Street


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